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The Vision

My Pledge

to the Citizens of Arnaudville

1) STRENGTHENING REGIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. As Chief of Police, I have strengthened the relationships with area and neighboring law enforcement agencies. A mutual agreement and concept has been embraced by both the St. Landry and St. Martin Sheriff's Departments whereby a supporting "team" approach will be adopted for citizens in the 70512 area. My "Territorial Waters" plan has already enhanced and improved police response time, as our officers are able to secure crime scenes, and share pertinent information whenever appropriate.  

2) REBUILDING TRUST WITH OUR CITIZENS. I have put forth policies and procedures, and enforced those policies through effective leadership to rebuild a department that the citizens can trust and be proud of. One such measure has been to provide citizens with the means to report or lodge complaints in a secure and/or anonymous manner, without fear of "leaks" or retaliation, and all such complaints are followed up in a professional manner. Officers have become community policing agents, getting to know and becoming familiar with local residents. Each officer wears and employs body cameras to ensure a high level of professionalism, transparency and integrity. Further, we have established protocols for Internal Reviews and Investigations that employ independent investigations related to officers alleged misconduct.

3) RECRUITING, REWARDING,  AND RETAINING. Officers are required to routinely attend on-going training. Rewarding or recognizing good police work is critical to the morale and growth of any organization. Therefore, a recognition procedure and system is in place that will bring pride to our officers and to the town. Regular press releases have been submitted to area media outlets, and we have enjoyed positive press for our Arnaudville Police Department.

4) CLOSING IN ON THE DRUG DEALERS. Arnaudville citizens spoke frequently about the drug dealers and users in several neighborhoods. This area will be a priority, and I will bring all my resources to bear to move the drugs and their dealers out of Arnaudville's city limits, and away from our children. I have established a Neighborhood Watch Program which resulted in the provision of cemetery lighting to prevent and deter crime that had been taking place in the town's cemetery. Conversations with the Chief, periodic "town hall-like" meetings have also been a successful and an effective communication tool among citizens and the police department.  

5) DECREASING THE TOWN'S EXPOSURE TO LIABILITY AND LITIGATION. Improving report writing skills has been a priority to ensure a high standard when it comes to submitting detailed and accurate reports that will hold up in court. Our police are properly trained in this critical aspect of police work. In addition, there is a zero tolerance for unethical and unprofessional conduct. There will be no tolerance for any behavior that is unbecoming an officer or an employee of the Arnaudville Police Department. If such conduct is reported, a full and complete investigation will be conducted.

6) INITIATING NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHES. Currently, the Arnaudville Neighborhood Watch program meets quarterly, and includes citizens living in the outlying areas.

7) INSTITUTING A YOUTH MENTORING PROGRAM. Many Sheriff's Offices provide mentoring programs, and I will promote and encourage our youth to take advantage of these programs. I will review the feasibility of establishing a program unique to the Arnaudville area youth. There is a direct correlation between crime and bored and inactive youth, and I intend to work to give our youth better choices. I have actively pursued and will continue to help implement or improve Arnaudville's efforts to provide safe, secure and fun activities for our youth to engage in.

8) KEEPING OUR MOST VULNERABLE SAFER AND MORE SECURE. Citizens who would like to be "checked in on", or parents who would like to have their "latch-key" kids checked in on after school can call or come by the Police Station and sign up for additional monitoring. Our officers make extra patrols, and in some cases get out and personally check on our elderly. We also provide information on special services and non-profits that may assist, including referrals to St. Landry-Evangeline Sexual Assault Center, Faith House, and St. Landry-Evangeline United Way for additional resources.  We encourage citizens to call 2-1-1 for information on community resources.

9) I HAVE ADOPTED A BUSINESS MODEL THAT WORKS. As Chief of Police, I have drawn on my 25 years in corporate/business management to institute a business model that has proven to increase competency and efficiency and create an environment that promotes trust and demands teamwork.

10) I AM COMMITTED TO COMMUNITY SERVICE. Besides the professionalism I bring, I have a passion for community volunteerism. Therefore, you will see me volunteering, and hopefully setting an example for others to volunteer for projects and programs that benefit Arnaudville. Working side by side with our citizens helps create unity and trust -- components of a great Police Department and a great Community.

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