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Testimonials and Quotes

"...(thank you for) your commitment to serve the citizens of our Parish, and for your assistance in service to your peers and supervisors here at the Second District. You should be proud of your body of work here."

Captain Timothy Campbell, JPSO, Field Operations Bureau, 2nd District Commander

Ed LeCompte has been a friend of mine since 1987. I have not met anyone since to be a better friend, co-worker, father & husband and last but not least a lawman. I think he would make a A GREAT "CHIEF OF POLICE" for the community. Ed always watched over my neighborhood like it was his own. If I could vote for him, he'd have my vote.

David Vallot, co-worker at Freeport-McMoRan

I have known Ed LeCompte since 1987 as a volunteer at The Chinchuba Haunted House where we raised money to support the education of hearing impaired children for 20 years. He was the chairman and founder of this huge endeavor. I have never met a man with as much character, integrity and leadership as Ed. He has mentored thousands of teenage volunteers and made a permanent impact on their lives that they will never forget. He is honest, fair and loved dearly by anyone who is lucky enough to have known him and he would make an excellent Chief of Police.

Dominick Manno III

A close friend

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