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Programs and Services

We view our job as primarily to protect the citizens of Arnaudville and to enforce the law. But, we also believe that service to the community also means that we extend a helpful hand, help make the environment safe, provide information and resources about crime prevention, health safety and disaster relief. Here are a few services we provide to our citizens.

Property Check

Our officers will make routine, as well as random checks of your business or property. On occasion, a card will be left so that you will know the date and time your property or business was checked. Requests can be made for specific dates if you are on vacation or a business trip.

Neighborhood Assessment

As our officers patrol Arnaudville, they will also be assessing your neighborhood for things like broken signs, abandoned vehicles, street light malfunctions, trash and junk, etc., and will report these findings to the appropriate authorities.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Arnaudville Police Department, in partnership with St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office has instituted a neighborhood watch program for the citizens of Arnaudville. This program provides citizens information and support for submitting crime reporting, suspicious activity, and suspicious people observed in their neighborhoods. Information is presented by guest speakers.

Senior Services

Arnaudville has a large population of senior citizens often vulnerable to scams, burglary, and health emergencies. Our Senior Services begin with a voluntary application giving us vital information about emergency contacts, special needs and /or any serious medical condition. The "Just Checking On You" program will provide seniors a variety of services, including regular visits, phone calls, and referrals to health and human services programs provided through the community or parish.

Latch-key KidWatch

When kids come home from school to an empty house because parents are at work, safety becomes an issue. On a request basis, our officers will check on your child at the designated time to make sure they are safe and secure. This service is provided on an individual basis, per request from the parent.

Drug Disposal Drop

Partnering with local pharmacies, we will sponsor a drug disposal program for unused, expired medication. 

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