Not the end -- only the beginning...
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Not the end -- only the beginning...


Well, today will determine where I am tomorrow.  This journey has given me more friends, more memories, and more love for my community.  I have had the honor and the pleasure of reconnecting with my past, and my parents' past.  In that respect, I have felt that they were with me.  I know that they would be proud of me, my approach to this endeavor, and my vision that would bring honor and pride to the town of Arnaudville and its citizens.

At times, the odds seemed against me, but I persevered.  Opening each visit with who I am, who my family is, and where I come from was key in establishing trust. Once established, I shared my love for Arnaudville, my vision for its future, and my goals as I took a front seat role in its new beginnings.

As a law enforcement professional, there are many issues I will face, but the most important will be providing Arnaudville with the best protection possible.  It may be a cliché', but  to protect and serve will be our mission, and every move and every decision will have its foundation in that mission. 

Our police will also face a new day tomorrow, maybe with a new leader.  While many have ridiculed them, I have concluded that the morale of the department as a whole has suffered over the past few years due to the bad press and the fractured loyalties.  Without solid, professional leadership, we can see what happens -- a large turnover, lack of trust in each other, apathy towards the job, and no direction.  I pity anyone working in such an environment.  I would go into the job knowing that this has to be fixed if we are to provide Arnaudville the kind of protection they want and deserve.  The police department is broken.  It needs to heal, and this will take time, but it will be worth the wait.

And if I don't have enough votes at the end of the day, I will not shrink back.  I will shake it off, and let God lead me to my next "thing".  I will continue to find ways that will make a positive impact on Arnaudville.

If you are one who reads my blog, or who has been following my story, or who has been part of it in any way, thank you.  I'm sure our paths will cross again.

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