Taking questions from the voters, as well as suggestions...
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Taking questions from the voters, as well as suggestions...


I spent about 3 hours visiting with the Arnaudville citizens today.  With daylight savings time, I had an extra hour of daylight.  But, at dusk, Ginger texted me, "Streetlights are coming on.  It's time to come home!"  So reminiscent of our house rules when I was a kid, and the rules we had for our kids.  Guess that rule is multi-generational -- at least for as long as the world has street lights!

Had a couple of questions or concerns from folks.  I was asked if it was legal for a cop to come into your house and search without a warrant.  When a cop asks if he can come in, and you say yes, you have given permission.  However, and this is important, he can only see what is visible, what he can see on the surface.  He cannot dig around, going through drawers and closets.  So, if you invite him in and he discovers illegal substances on your coffee table, he can seize it and arrest you.  This also applies to your car -- which is an extension of your house.  He can only search what is at arms length.  The law is very clear and detailed.  But, at the end of the day, a full and detailed report is critical.

I heard complaints about speeding on Hwy. 31.  This issue is very personal to me.  My grandmother, a resident of Arnaudville, was killed while walking on Hwy. 31 by a drunk driver, who was also speeding.  Today, so many people have taken to walking for exercise or riding a bike.  If I am elected, I will be paying close attention to the speeders, including the 18-wheelers who disregard speed limit signs. 

Set some signs out today.  If you are a fan of my blog or a supporter, and you would like to help by placing a sign on your property, please get in touch with me by going to the "Contact Me" page on this website.

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