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Taking questions from the voters, as well as suggestions...


I spent about 3 hours visiting with the Arnaudville citizens today.  With daylight savings time, I had an extra hour of daylight.  But, at dusk, Ginger texted me, "Streetlights are coming on.  It's time to come home!"  So reminiscent of our house rules when I was a kid, and the rules we had for our kids.  Guess that rule is multi-generational -- at least for as long as the world has street lights!

Had a couple of questions or concerns from folks.  I was asked if it was legal for a cop to come into your house and search without a warrant.

Before we rid Arnaudville of the druggies and their dealers, we must....


Hit about 7 houses today, with great conversation and insight.  A couple of people were very concerned specifically about drugs, and wanted to know what I would do about the problem.  First, I would acknowledge that Arnaudville PD is under-equipped and may be under-staffed at any given day, due to a chronic problem with employee retention. I would address both problems simultaneously. 

Our resources are limited, and that is why it is critical that we have great working relationships with our counterparts in towns around us.

Sign of the times...


The weather was a bit better, and so I was able to go out.  James and I went to J. Michael Morrow's to see Randy and received our ashes while there.  I took Ginger and James to lunch today and then did some campaigning later.

This walk-about was enjoyable.  I went to the houses where once members of my family lived, and of course the memories came rushing in.  This continues to be the best way for people to get to know me.  In small towns where most people know each other, it is important for you to establish your connection.

I'm not alone...


Ginger gets the Ville Platte newspaper at work, and saw an article about a woman running for Chief of Police in Mamou.  Katina Richard, Assistant Chief has an impressive work history.  Having been with the Police Department for about 20 years, she's done it all.  I'm sure that her community recognizes the skill set she has, and will support her.  But, more impressive, or at least as impressive is her attitude, her philosophy, and what appears to be a deep seeded set of values.

Mistaken Identity...


Today was a beautiful day, so I started out early.  I figured people will be out, it's Saturday, great day to campaign.  While Ginger and James headed off to my daughter's to enjoy a day at the zoo with the grand babies, I intended to head out with my stack of cards in hand.

Things were going well, even though many people did not seem to be home.  But, I walked up to a home, the young mom was sitting on her steps, talking on the phone.  Her mother came out, and as I was approaching, the young mom said, "Oh, shit!

Days Gone By in Arnaudville...


I picked up my candidate cards today.  Now I have something to leave behind besides a business card with my website address on it.  

Today, I finished up Custom House Rd., the street I lived on as a boy, and where I learned to ride my bike when the road was gravel.  The very house I lived in is still there - where my grandfather lived.  It was extra special to find someone who remembered my grandfather living in the neighborhood.  Recalling when the neighborhood I now live in was all fields, I realize that there has been growth in Arnaudville.

A five year old child, a victim of a new kind of culture


My name is starting to resonate.  I go into a store, and before I can introduce myself, I hear, "I've heard of you."  or "So you're the man I have heard about."  I am always sure to say that whether they vote for me or not, to please vote.  Of course, I want their vote, but sometimes after I've said that, I feel proud to have issued the reminder.  It is very sad to know that the majority of eligible voters fail to exercise that right, and then they are the first to complain when they don't like the outcome.

Too rainy to walk...


Today I spent time with my brother, Randy.  My mother left her little Chihuahua when she passed away, and Randy took sole responsibility for the dog, caring for her, feeding and loving her.  I swear, the dog almost took on his personality!  So now that Randy is in the nursing home, I bring Sadie to visit from time to time.  The weather kept me from my daily walk about, so I ran errands.  I should have my campaign handouts and signs ready by the week-end.  I'm told I may need spotters to watch for sign thefts!

Merging the old with the new...


I started out this afternoon around 4:30, but was prepared to be detained at some of the stops, to re-establish old relationships and family relations.  This "old school" method of campaigning is most enjoyable, and no doubt, most effective.  While, so far, I have experienced almost overwhelming support, I will not take a win for granted, nor will I underestimate my opponent.  After all, he has had almost 6 months to establish ground, and unless there has been controversy or incident, he has the advantage.

Feeling the love...


Today after mass, I went to J. Michael Morrow's nursing home to support my brother, Randy in his quest to become the King of Mardi Gras.  In his suit and special Louisiana tie, with Mardi Gras beads around his neck, he seemed to be in his element.  He's been a resident there for about 3 months, and has captured the hearts of all of the staff, and the other residents.  He is outgoing, fun-loving, and as good as gold.  At 59, he is one of the youngest there.  As I watched the whole ceremony, I was so very proud of him, and so happy that this very heart breaking decision seems to be the best decision for his health and well-being.

Connecting to the past...


Today on the campaign trail, I went up to a house, and the elderly woman inside saw me coming, and exclaimed, "Eddy LeCompte! Come on in here!"  As it turned out, she and her husband had worked for Oscar Rivette at the same time my parents did.  She actually remembered me as a small boy.  She invited me to stay for a cup of coffee, along with her neighbor.  I told her that I remembered when our family would come to Arnaudville after we moved to New Orleans, there were so many aunts and uncles to visit, and at each and every house, there  was a cup of coffee waiting.

Entering the social scene...


We stayed late last night in Eunice volunteering for the United Way event.  A great time!  But, I was looking forward to a quiet evening tonight.  I realized that NuNu's potluck social was tonight, so I did a gumbo and when Ginger got home, off we went for an evening with friends and good music.  As luck would have it, Dennis Ward was there promoting his latest novel, "Mademoiselle Gigi".  As a frustrated writer, I was happy to buy his book and enjoy his talk.

Volunteering is good


Tonight I abandoned the campaign trail to do some volunteer work for the United Way.  The Harlem Ambassadors, a show performing basketball team came to town to do a benefit game against a hometown team.  Our team was made up of the Eunice Police Department and the Eunice Marshall's Office.  The event was all in fun, and thank goodness our Team United was good humored and didn't mind being humiliated!  As a volunteer, I was thankful for the opportunity to see these guys and gals perform and then inspire the crowd by their winning stories of strength and perseverance.

The Walking Journal

I qualified to run for Arnaudville Chief of Police.  When I was asked why I would want the job when I could just enjoy my retirement, I never hesitated to say "because I love this town, and all that it brings to me -- old friends, family, memories, and the values I learned in the formative years.  I need to give something back.

A favorite "hobby" of mine is to write.  I have written two novels, and many short stories, but I have never journaled, and so I attempt it now.

The Walking Journal

I walked around the neighborhood today introducing myself, as candidates are prone to do.  But, an unanticipated blessing occurred:  sitting down on porches and in living rooms just enjoying the conversations, re-connecting with friends of my parents, and feeling so welcome.  The thought hit me -- why don't we do that any more?  Just walking to a neighbor's house and chatting with a glass of tea or a beer.  Win or lose, this is an activity that will continue beyond the campaign.