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We hope you will find the some of your questions here on this website. With today's technology, we have the opportunity to inform the citizen through social media and through an .  As wonderful as that is, it does not substitute for the face-to-face encounters, the one-on-one visits, or the public forums that our police department can take advantage of.

As you explore this site, you will get a glimpse of who we are, our experience and credentials and the values we hold as officers and as part of a winning team.  The Arnaudville will hold itself up to the highest and will conduct our duties with honesty, integrity and honor, respecting each citizen, because we are ready to protect, and proud to serve!

As your , I come with the , the skills, knowledge and that every citizen expects in a Chief, who is bound to protect you, your businesses and your property, and to serve you by utilizing every resource available to me.